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    Heart of Supply chain.
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    The Logistics Operating System
    Hatiolab is redesigning the logistics of warehouse, trying to disrupt and change the traditional way in the supply chain.
    We are growing as a leader in integrated logistics services, providing a single,
    advanced platform for warehouses that are a critical but vulnerable link in our supply chain.
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    For logistics & manufacturing & service automation robots

Featured products

"HatioLab dreams of a better world that supply chain innovation will bring."
To make that dream come true, good and talented people are working together at HatioLab.
We believe that the more accurate and transparent the logistics/manufacturing-oriented supply chain ecosystem becomes, the better our lives can be.
By realizing that belief with our technology, we can support your desire to fulfill innovation in supply chain management.
Here are 4 representative products related to SCM developed by us.
We also introduce the detailed products corresponding to each business layer of 'OPERATO', a mid-mile logistics specialized integration framework.


    The Logistics Operating System
    • Logistics specialized framework
    • Facility & integrated operation
    • Advanced logistics environment
    • Provides high flexibility, monitoring
  • Things Board

    Real-time Monitoring Solution
    • Easy data binding
    • Provide animation play mode
    • Provide 2D, 3D, Map components
    • Compatible with various devices
  • Things Factory

    Manufacturing Execution System
    • From planning to packaging
    • Resource management, Quality control
    • Data collection and analysis
  • Things Label

    Barcode Label Management Solution
    • Easy design like professionals
    • Integrated Label Management
    • Support various barcode type
    • Related eq. & asset management

Technologies and business contents

Smart Logistics Business

SCM / MES / WMS / IoT platform


Smart Manufacturing Business


AI / Robotics Business


Partner & Client

HatioLab is smart and good. Since we are smart and work well, we have many friends around us.