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    Manufacturing Execution System

What We Provide

Key technology encapsulation and open

Offer a broad and structured way to customize, making it easier to expand and reuse

Reduced system implementation cycle

Advanced architectures & technologies reduce the cycle of deployment/implementation

Respond easier to customers

Flexible product configuration allows to respond to customers of different sizes

Enterprise needs optimization/licensing

Both On-premise and SaaS forms available, various licensing or charging methods

Advanced manufacturing environment

Advance to smart manufacturing environment using mobile, IoT and cloud

Customized solution

Easy to maintain and free of limitations in organizing the value of customers

Continuous support and upgrade

Support progressive enhancement techniques as a continuous upgrade service

Easy and comfortable user experience

Web-based UI, user authority provided by job type, globalization support, etc.

Based on advanced technologies

Support for Java, NodeJS, Cloud technology base, IoT middleware technology

Based on standard technology

Support all OS/Device! Easy to deploy and proven reliability

Development productivity

Provide easily patterned UI for developers, high code recycling

Respond to Globalization, SaaS

Support for Time Zone & Day Light Saving, Multi-tenancy

Things Factory Modules

Common Bundle

  • Security Module
  • Common Code Module
  • File Storage Module
  • Approval Module

Master Bundle

  • Vendor/Customer Info Module
  • BOM (Bill Of Material) Module
  • Production Configure Module
  • Data Collection Configure Module
  • Inventory Configure

Production Bundle

  • WIP (Work In Process) Module
  • Inventory Module
  • Order Module

Quality Bundle

  • Sampling Module
  • Data Collection Module
  • SPC (Statistical Process Control) Module
  • IQC / OQC Module

Report Bundle

  • Production Status
  • SPC
  • Non-adjusted ratio
  • Defect