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    The Logistics Operating System
    Hatiolab is redesigning the logistics of warehouse, trying to disrupt and change the traditional way in the supply chain.
    We are growing as a leader in integrated logistics services, providing a single,
    advanced platform for warehouses that are a critical but vulnerable link in our supply chain.

operato Solution Portfolio

What We Provide

Logistics Specialized Framework

The web-based logistics-specific framework provides classification container and facility plug-in.

High Flexibility

Rapid response to changing logistics environment and optimized service for each customer are available and setting profile is provided.

Sorting Facility Operation

B2B, B2C specialized module and high-speed classification module can be provided. Efficient resource management through WCS.

Facility Optimized Operation

Plug-in type facility operation, real-time order merge reduces facility idle time, increase the utilization rate.

Provide Integrated Monitoring

Real-time monitoring is possible by providing web-based 2D and 3D status of distribution center facilities and warehouses.

Advanced Logistics Environment

Advanced smart logistics environment using mobile device support, Picking robot, AGV, IoT and cloud technology.

Classification container

Provides classification API, classification module management, processing of many changing and complex processes

Shipment/Return facility control

Batch merge / parallel processing / lighting when input / work method control, Shipment/Return switchable

Sorter management system

Volume distribution logic considering worker's individual productivity, simultaneous work control for return/shipment/etc, interworking with other classification facilities

operato architecture

Operato visualizer detail

  • Preemptive response to issues by monitoring the real-time work status of production/logistics sites.
  • Establish a visualization system for not only facility monitoring but also various logistics data.
  • It visualizes complex data using an easy interface like PowerPoint without installing a separate program.

Operato wms detail

  • Provides logistics warehouse optimization function, traces the history from warehousing to delivery and secures workflow.
  • Easily organize/manage/track distribution channels that become complex with sales products, outgoing products, set products, and event products.
  • Cost reduction and advancement of logistics by enabling inventory inquiry and traceability on a smart logistics system based on IoT and cloud technology.

Operato wcs detail

  • Logistics-specific framework with references from Korea's largest automated logistics company to small and medium-sized logistics warehouses in Southeast Asia.
  • B2B/B2C sorting module, sorter management module, picking module, as well as mobile equipment and specialized facility control.
  • Classification process that can assemble various options of equipment and indicators according to the changing logistics environment.

Operato ecs detail

  • An application framework that can implement a complex facility operating system composed of various devices without a single line of coding.
  • Complex scenarios can also be easily implemented through integration of various sensors, conveyors, and driving devices such as AGVs.
  • Simple implementation of scenarios using complex multi-axis robots (Universal Robot, Doosan Robot, Neuromeka Robot)
  • Provides authoring tools that can easily and quickly implement complex UIs for facility operation and monitoring

Operato lighting detail

  • Equipment based on digital wireless indicator, the most cost-effective solution.
  • At least 40% productivity improvement over competitors through optimized algorithms.
  • Supporting various reports on work results, stable on-site operation management.